An equipment lease is a tax lease on equipment a business may use. The lessor, like Trans Lease, owns the equipment, while the lessee is able to use the asset in exchange for lease payments. The lessor retains full ownership of the equipment, and along with that, all of the risks of ownership. The lessee can claim the entire amount of the lease rental as a tax deduction.

Equipment leases allow businesses of all sizes to obtain the important equipment they need at an affordable price. These businesses will also not be stuck owning an expensive piece of equipment that quickly becomes obsolete, as they have no further obligations after they fulfill the lease term.

If the equipment is still needed at the end of the lease term, a lease renewal may be negotiated.

Benefits of Equipment Leases for Commercial Vehicles

  • No down payment
  • Tax benefits
  • Minimal initial investment
  • Avoid risks of ownership
  • Easy to upgrade equipment

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