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Flexible Financing for Delivery Contractors

Grow your fleet without breaking your budget with customized delivery truck financing options from Trans Lease. Whether you’re replacing old vehicles or starting a new package delivery franchise, you can count on us for the best commercial vehicle financing programs, featuring flexible terms and quick approvals.

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Our Specialty Programs

First Time Buyer Program

Start a new business venture or own equipment for the first time.

Application Only Program

Finance up to $500,000 through our application-only program.

Pre-Approved Line of Credit

Secure financing before your equipment purchase with a pre-approved line of credit.

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Delivery Contractor Business Benefits

Passionate entrepreneurs will discover that there is a wide range of ways to become involved in the ever-expanding package delivery industry. Large organizations like Amazon and FedEx use private delivery contractors, delivery route owner-operators, delivery service partners, and more to complete the vital delivery of their goods to people across the country. In order to get started or grow your fleet, though, you need access to reliable funding for your commercial trucks—which Trans Lease is proud to provide.

With the right leadership and planning, plus the right financing for your delivery trucks and equipment, you can launch a successful delivery contractor business in the dynamic and important package delivery industry.

Benefits of financing your package delivery truck through Trans Lease include:

  • Access to a large network of FedEx Inventory
  • Transferable contracts
  • 100% financing to conserve your cash
  • Competitive financing rates, with terms up to 84 months

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