Nearly 80% of all US businesses, both SMB entrepreneurs to global Fortune 100 companies, across all verticles and spectrums, energy to health care, lease or finance their equipment. Our team has taken a few minutes to review for you some of the best reasons why!

Why Finance Your Business

1. You Can Finance Up To 100%

Did you know you have the ability to arrange to finance up to 100% of your equipment? As you’re building your business or scaling to new market opportunities, financing your software and services can be largely beneficial in keeping cash on hand. Many offer 0% down payment!

It’s been mentioned before but keeping your limited cash liquid means that you can instead use it for other areas of your business. Expansion, improvements, research and development, human capital growth are all essential to your business. The more funds on hand in times of growth, the better.

2. Keep Your Equipment Up-to-Date

When you lease your equipment, there are more opportunities to upgrade and transition, meaning you’re more likely to have units with the latest features and best options. This means you’ll spend less time on repairs and upgrades in an effort to keep your equipment working for you.

3. Accelerate Your ROI

Your business’s best chance is to hit the ground running at as nominal a deficit as possible. When you pay the full cost of your equipment upfront, you may own it, but you’re also leaving less residual cash capital for operations. Make smaller payments and let the equipment generate revenue for you faster.

4. The Benefits of Bundling and Single Source Solutions

Find a single-source solution. As you acquire equipment, bundle the cost, the installation services, the maintenance fees, and more into a singular easy-to-manage solution. This practice helps you cut down on multiple vendors, keeping you more organized and saving your time and energy.

When you let your equipment financing company manage your equipment from delivery to disposal, you are saving yourself time and money. The frustration and effort that go into sourcing and selling your capital equipment is better left to someone else while you manage operations.

5. Customize Your Terms

Seasonality got you down? Did you know that there are financing options available in which you can set prearranged customized payments that match your company’s cash flow and seasonal fluctuations? No more stress in the offseason. Plan early, finance with ease.

6. Hedge Against Inflation

Bulls and Bears? Eliminate as much market uncertainty as possible and manage your financial planning like a pro. When you lock in rates at signing, you avoid the unexpected changes in inflated and deflated markets.

Business Success Comes Down to Planning

Starting up a company, maintaining growth in your company, and scaling your company can all be better navigated with a partner. Single source solutions on capital equipment and financing save you time, money, and energy. Don’t get lost with the 20% of businesses who pay out cash for the equipment and fail in the first five years, find a team that supports your business goals and grows together for mutual long-term benefits.