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You could start a bin cleaning business like The Trash Can Cleaners! Based in San Antonio, this start-up organization focuses on the community’s sanitary needs. This year-round business is in the market of power washing, surface cleaning, dumpster cleaning, and water transfer.
As an emerging opportunity, there’s unlimited growth potential for you in the trash can cleaning industry with unlimited market share potential.

Work from home, manage your own schedule, maintain the size and scale of your business! You can even manage your start-up costs by financing your vehicles through Trans Lease!
As a single source solution, our team has the ability to find your company’s new vehicles and acquire flexible and competitive financing terms to get your new business running quickly! As you scale your operations and eventually upgrade your vehicles, we can also help you find buyers to get you the most return on your initial investment.

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The Wheelie Bin Cleaner

Perhaps you’ve met. The slightly vile, germ infested, multi-colored, beat up bin at your curb also serves businesses and individuals throughout your city. Like you, they want to keep their image clean, and that extends to the garbage container.
Bin cleaners are mobile units that deliver high pressure and hot water into the bin for sanitizing and deodorizing. Because they don’t require harsh chemicals and use less water than traditional methods, they’re friendly to the environment.

Trash out, cash in!

At Trans Lease, Inc we work directly with The Trash Can Cleaners to provide several different financing options. Whether you are just starting out or expanding your current trash bin cleaning business, we can help! Apply online and our financing experts will create a customized program for you.

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Contact Lease Representative Doug Ferrante to discuss your options.

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trash cleaner vehicle
Trash cleaner vehicle
Trash cleaner vehicle
trash cleaner vehicle
Trash cleaner vehicle
Trash cleaner vehicle

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