Trans Lease offers expertise in designing solutions that assist manufacturers, dealers and distributors in selling more product through customized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of their customers.   Our extensive experience supporting dealers nationwide and designing captive finance solutions for vendor partners, enables us to share an effective perspective in designing and implementing new programs.

We invest the time to understand the specific needs of our vendor partners and their customers, as well as the equipment to be financed.  Through these relationships we decrease or eliminate the need to have in-house financing, which frees up capital, minimizes exposure, and eliminate overhead costs while delivering the benefits of operating your own captive finance company.  This unique approach helps attract new customers, obtain approval and financing quickly, and keep them returning with future equipment needs.


  • Retail financing for dealers;
  • Captive finance solutions for manufacturers and distributors;
  • Private-label finance solutions;
  • Streamlined credit approvals;
  • Portfolio Acquisitions.

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Randy Satrom, 
Vice President of Sales
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